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  • - The safety of your children depends only on you! Children under 5 years
    old at greatest risk. The accident does not happen only to other people!
    Be ready to face it!
    - Supervise and take action:
    Always supervise children from nearby;
    Assign at least one person in charge of the safety;
    • Increase supervision if there are several people in the swimming pool;
    • Wet your neck, arms and legs before entering the pool;
    • Learn the necessary rescue operations, especially those relating to
    rescuing children;
    • Prohibit diving and jumping;
    • Prohibit running and playing games on the edge of the swimming pool;
    • Do not leave toys near or in an unsupervised swimming pool;
    Always keep the pool water clean;
    • Keep the products needed for water treatment outside the reach of
    - Place an accessible telephone near the pool so that the children will
    never be out of supervision when you are on the phone. In any case this
    doesn’t replace a close supervision;
    - In case of accident:
    • Take all the children out of the water immediately.
    • Call for emergency support and follow their instruction/advice.
    • Replace wet clothing with dry clothing.
    - Remember and hang the rescue numbers near the pool:
    • Firemen (18 for France);
    • First Aid/ Emergency Unit: (15 for France);
    • Poison Treatment Centre;
    Additional Warning Only for US/CA
    Read and Follow All Safety Information and
    Keep for future reference.
    Failure to follow these warnings and instructions
    can result in serious injury or death to users,
    especially children.
    • Children, especially children younger than 5 years, are at high risk of
    • Drowning occurs silently and quickly and can occur in as little as 2 in.
    (5cm) of water.
    • Keep children in your direct sight, stay close, and actively supervise
    them when they are in or near this pool and when you are filling and
    emptying this pool.
    • When searching for a missing child, check the pool first, even if child is
    thought to be in the house.
    • Empty pool completely after each use and store the empty pool in such a
    way that it does not collect water from rain or any other source.
    Drowning Risk:
    • Keep unsupervised children from accessing the pool by installing fencing
    or other approved barrier around all sides of the pool. State or local laws
    or codes may require fencing or other approved barriers. Check state or
    local laws and codes before setting up the pool. Refer to the list of
    barrier recommendations and guidelines as described in CPSC
    Publication No.362.
    • Do not leave toys inside pool when finished using, since toys and similar
    items might attract a child to the pool.
    • Position furniture (for example, tables, chairs) away from pool and so
    that children cannot climb on it to gain access to the pool.
    After using the pool, remove water to a level of 1/2 in. (1cm) or less.
    Diving Risk:
    • Do not dive into the pool. Diving into shallow water can result in a broken
    neck, paralysis, or death.
    Electrocution Risk:
    • Keep all electrical lines, radios, speakers and other electrical appliances
    away from the pool.
    • Do not place pool near or under overhead electrical lines.
    First Aid:
    • Keep a working phone and a list of emergency numbers near the pool.
    • Become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In the event of
    an emergency, immediate use of CPR can make a life-saving difference.
    Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Swimming Pool
    Section I: Outdoor swimming pool
    An outdoor swimming pool, including an inground, aboveground, or
    onground pool, hot tub, or spa, should be provided with a barrier which
    complies with the following:
    • Only for domestic use.
    • Only for outdoor use.
    • Children can drown in very small amounts of water. Empty the pool when
    not in use.
    • Do not install the paddling pool over contrete, asphalt or any other hard
    • Place the product on a level surface at least 2 m from any structure or
    obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches,
    laundry lines or electrical wires.
    • Recommend back towards the sun when playing.
    • Modification by the consumer of the original paddling pool (for example
    the addition of accessories) shall be carried out according to the
    instructions of the manufacturer.
    • Keep assembly and installation instruction for future reference.
    General Warning
    Never leave your child unattended – drowning hazard.
    Prevent Drowning
    Closely watch children who are in or near this pool.
    Children under 5 are at highest risk for drowning.
    Empty pool after use.

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Produktové špecifikácie

Značka Bestway
Model 52188
Výrobok Nadzemný bazén
EAN 6942138914115
Jazyk Holandský, Angličtina, Nemec, Francúzsky, Španielsky, Taliansky, Švédsky, Portugalský, Dánsky, Poľský, Nórsky, Fínsky, Rumunský, Turecký, Slovenský, Maďarský, Slovinský, Chorvátsky
Typ súboru PDF
Sfarbenie Vzor
Materiál Vinyl
Nafukovacia podlaha
Farba Viacfarebný
Intrastat kód 95069990
Odporúčaný vek (min) 2rok / roky
Hmotnosť a rozmery
Kapacita 30L
Šírka 1090mm
Rozmery pri vyfučaní (š x h) 1170 x 1120mm
Hĺbka 1040mm
Výška 760mm
Hrúbka 0.22mm
Údaje o balení
Množstvo 1
Typ balenia Box
Veľkosť balenia 3000cm³
Šírka balenia 298mm
Hĺbka balenia 45mm
Výška balenia 292mm
Obsah balenia
Záplata v balení
Logistické dáta
Minimálne množstvo objednávky 6kusov
Množstvo na palete 240kusov

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