LRP LiPo Hyper Pack 4000 príručka

    5. STORAGE
    All LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs come with properly sized power-wires incl. plugs. These power connec-
    tions have to be used for standard charging and for all applications in the model/device. Be sure to always
    take care of the wire colors and the right polarity of the battery as a wrong connection will damage your
    battery and your speedo. While soldering, take care that you don´t do any short circuits and that all wires
    are well insulated.
    NOTE: Only use a reverse polarity protected plug system for the power-wires!
    Additionally to the power connections, all LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs are equipped with a so-called
    EHR-Balancing-port. This EHR-Balancing-port can be used to condition and equalize the individual cells
    inside a battery pack.
    Special balancers or certain chargers use this balancing port to perfectly condition and equalize the indi-
    vidual cells inside the pack. Please check the user manual of the balancer/charger in order to know how
    the battery needs to be hooked up.
    NOTE: The Balancing-port shall not be used for the standard use in the model/device. Only use the power-
    wires incl. plugs to power your model/device.
    For perfect conditioning of your LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs, we recommend the use of our LRP LiPo Par-
    allel Precision Balancer (No. 45200). For best possible performance and safety, always use this balancer
    when charging your LiPo battery.
    All LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs are capable of a maximum peak discharge current of 40C. The continous
    discharge current for all LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs is 25C.
    PLEASE NOTE: Always take care that the battery gets enough cooling when discharging it with high
    discharge currents.
    You have to take care, that the batteries do not get deep discharged. As soon as the battery voltage falls
    below 3.00V per single cell, the battery pack gets damaged irrevocably.
    With 2S packs, the discharge cut-off voltage under load is 6.0V, with 3S packs it is 9.0V and with 4S
    packs the discharge cut-off voltage under load is 12.0V. The battery voltage should never fall below these
    discharge cut-off voltages.
    If your speed control does not have a special undervoltage protection for LiPo-batteries, you have to stop
    your model early enough in order not to deep discharge the battery pack. Therefore stop immediately as
    soon as you feel a rapid loss in power.
    IMPORTANT: The max. temperature of the LiPo-battery during discharge must never exceed 65°C (150°F).
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs do not have a memory effect and only a very low self-discharge rate. There-
    fore these batteries can be stored over a longer period of time without special treatment. You only have to
    take care, that the batteries do not get stored completely empty.
    For a storage over a longer period of time, we recommend to charge the battery up to 50% of the nominal
    capacity. Therefore fully discharge the battery pack and then partially charge it with a charge current of
    1C for 30 minutes. In this condition, the battery can be stored at least half a year at 25°C room temperature
    without the need of recharging it.
    For a storage over a short period of time, you also have to pay attention, that the battery is partially char-
    ged. Never store the battery completely empty.
    Even if you are using your battery regularly every week, always pay attention that the battery is partially
    charged with at least 30% of the nominal capacity during storage. A partial charge with 1C charge current
    for 20 minutes is sufficient in this case, if the battery was competely empty before.
    If you pay attention to the above mentioned notes, you can enjoy your LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Pack for a
    very long time.
    • Avoidshort-circuits!Short-circuitingthebatteryresultsinveryhighcurrents,whichdamagetheinter-
    nal structure of a LiPo-battery. This leads to a loss of power and capacity.
    • NeverchargeLiPobatterieswithoutabalancer.Chargingwithoutabalancercandamagethebattery.
    Please note, that your limited warranty will void if you charge without balancer.
    • Besure,nottodamagetheoutsideoftheLiPo-battery.Thebatteryinsidethehardcaseisonlyprotected
    by a heatshrink. The actual Lipo-cell is directly under this heatshrink. If the outer skin of the cell gets
    damaged, the battery can no longer be used. Therefore take special care, that no sharp objects like knifes,
    tools, carbon fibre edges or similar items can damage the hardcase and/or the cells within it.
    • WhensecuringtheLiPo-batteryinsideyourmodel/device,youhavetotakecarethattheLiPo-battery
    does not get damaged or warped in case of a crash. LiPo-batteries with a hardcase are less mechanical
    resistant then NiMH-batteries in a metal can. Therfore pay special attention that the LiPo-battery does
    not get damaged or warped by letting it fall down, hitting it, bending it or by similar actions.
    • IfyouwanttochangetheplugsystemofyourLiPo-battery,takecarethatyouonlyattachthenew
    plugs to the power-wires directly. Under no circumstances your allowed to solder directly on the tabs
    of the LiPo-cells. Please note, that thers the possibility to void your limited warranty when using a
    non reverse polarity protected plug system.
    • NeverchargeseveralLiPo-batterypacksatoncewithonecharger.Thedifferentcapacitiesandcharge
    levels can lead to serious overcharging of the battery, even if you are using a charger with LiPo capabilities.
    • Damagedpackscannotbeusedanylonger.Ifthepacksshowsignsofdamage,arebentorsimilar,do
    not use the packs anymore.
    • ThechemicalreactionduringcharginganddischargingaLiPo-batteryisnotfullyreversible.Duetothat,LiPo-
    batteries loose capacity during their life-span. This is normal and not a manufacturing nor production fault.
    DISPOSAL NOTE: Damagedpacksorpacks,whichcannolongerbeusedarehazardouswasteandhave
    the batteries and hand them over to a designated collection point.
    All LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs can be charged with a maximum current of 1C*. For charging, only use
    chargers, which are specially designed and developed for LiPo-batteries. These chargers charge the bat-
    tery with the max. current till the battery reaches the max. charging voltage. The charger then reduces
    the charging current until the battery is fully charged. This charging method is called CC/CV (Constant
    Current/Constant Voltage).
    ATTENTION: Under no circumstances use NiMH/NiCd-chargers for charging LiPo-batteries! These char-
    gers do not reduce the charging current and therefore ultimately lead to overcharging the battery!
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs do not heat up during charging. It is normal, that the battery still has ambient
    temperature when it is fully charged. If the battery heats up during charging or warps, immediately stop
    charging it. A Balancer which monitors the voltage of each single cell is mandatory during the charge of
    LiPo batteries.
    ATTENTION: Never charge your LiPo battery without a balancer directly connected to the balancing port
    of your battery, unless your charger is already equipped with a balancer.
    The maximum charging voltage for each single LiPo-cell is 4.20V. If the battery reaches this voltage, the
    charge current has to be lowered. This is automatically done by the charger. If the charge current reaches
    0.05 - 0.1C*, the battery is fully charged. All LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs consist of multiple LiPo-cells.
    You can see the max. charging voltage in the table below. We advise the following settings for charging
    our LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs:
    PLEASE NOTE: You can use your LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Pack several times a day. However be sure, that
    the battery has completely cooled down to ambient temperature, before re-charging it again.
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs do not have a memory effect and only a very low self-discharge rate. There-
    fore you can also charge batteries with a partial charge in them, without the need of discharging the pack
    before. Partially charged packs can be stored over a long period of time, without getting damaged. Please
    also see the „Storage“ section for further reference.
    Balancing-port 3-pole (7.4V packs)
    Black (Battery-Negative) Cell 1-
    Brown (cell connection) Cell 1+ (Cell 2-)
    Red (Battery-Positive) Cell 2+
    Cell configuration max. charge current max. charging voltage
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Packs - 7.4V - 2S (all types) 1C* 8.40V
    Power-wires incl. plugs
    Red Battery-Positive +
    Black Battery-Negative -
    © LRP electronic GmbH 2009AA00574
    LRP electronic GmbH
    Wilhelm-Enssle-Str. 132-134
    73630 Remshalden
    thank you for your trust in this LRP product. By purchasing a LRP LiPo POWER/HYPER PACK 7.4V - 25C -
    Stickpack Hardcase, you have chosen a high-performance LiPo-battery for your RC model.
    LiPo-batteries need special treatment and care. Please read the following instructions carefully before you
    start using your
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Pack
    for the first time and to ensure that your
    LRP LiPo Power/
    Hyper Pack
    always works up to your full satisfaction. This user guide contains important notes for the
    installation, the safety, the use and the maintenance of this product. Thus protecting yourself and avoid
    damages of the product.
    Proceed according to the user guide in order to understand your
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Pack
    better. Please
    take your time as you will have much more joy with your
    LRP LiPo Power/Hyper Pack
    if you know it exactly.
    This user manual shall be kept in a safe place. If another customer is using this product, this manual has to be
    handed out together with it.
    * C=Nominal capacity of the battery. E.g. with a nominal capacity of 2300mAh (2.3Ah), the battery can be charged with a max. current of 2.3A.
    • LiPobatteriesshallonlybechargedatatemperaturebetween0-4C.Ifthiswillnotbeobserved,the
    cycle life of the battery will be reduced drastically.
    • ThesinglecellopenvoltageofafullychargedLiPobatteryis4.2V.Thesinglecellopenvoltageofa50%
    partial charged LiPo battery is approx. 3.85V. The single cell open voltage of an empty LiPo battery is
    approx. 3.3V.
    • Avoltagebelow3.3VpercellwithoutloadisineithercaseharmfulforaLiPobattery.Thereforealways
    avoid voltages below 3.3V per cell.
    • ItisnotvisiblefromtheoutsidewhenaLiPobatterygetsovercharged.Theonlywaytofindthisout
    is to measure the voltage of the LiPo battery. The battery does not heat up nor does it swell when it
    gets overcharged. Therefore always check the battery voltage during charging. If it exceeds the max.
    charging voltage stop the charging process immediately and check all settings.
    • WerecommendtostopdischargingaLipobatteryiftheremainingcapacityreaches30%ofthenomi-
    nal capacity. With this, LiPo batteries will have the max. possible cycle life. Real-Life application sho-
    wed, that the cycle life of LiPo batteries is reduced if the battery always gets completely discharged.
    This phenomenon can be seen with all types of LiPo batteries.
    balancing-port 3-pole
    balancing-port 3-pole
    #79890 #79891
    #79892 #79893
    balancing-port 3-pole
    balancing-port 3-pole

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Získajte tenké zariadenie, ktoré chcete, bez kompromisov pri výdrži batérie. Lítium-polymérová batéria poskytuje rovnaké...
Získajte tenké zariadenie, ktoré chcete, bez kompromisov pri výdrži batérie. Lítium-polymérová batéria poskytuje rovnaké...
Značka LRP
Model LiPo Hyper Pack 4000
Výrobok Batéria
EAN 4250068134544
Jazyk Engels
Typ súboru PDF
Typ batérie Lítium polymér (lipo)
Kapacita batérie 4000 mAh
Napätie batérie 7.4 V
Počet článkov batérie 6
Farba Modrá
Kompatibilné produkty -
Farba Modrá
Ďalšie vlastnosti
Rozmery (š x h x v) 138.5 x 47.5 x 23 mm
Hmotnosť a rozmery
Hmotnosť 227 g
Hmotnosť 227 g
Typ batérie Lítium polymér (lipo)
Napätie batérie 7.4 V


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