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Tesco Stores Ltd, Delamare Road,
Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 9SL
Wipe the housing inside and outside with a damp cloth.
After Using the Breadmaker
Do not immerse the Breadmaker in water and never
Always unplug the Breadmaker from the mains supply
pour water into the oven housing.
immediately after use.
Do not allow the cable or mains plug to come into
Allow the Breadmaker to cool down after use before you
contact with water and do not pour water on the
clean or store it. It takes about 30 minutes until the
appliance or excessively wet the interior or the control
breadmaker is cool enough to be used again.
To assist the Breadmaker to cool down, leave the lid
Clean and dry all parts carefully after use. When storing
open but ensure it is in a safe place away from children
the bread pan in the Breadmaker, store it in the
and pets.
LOCKED position, but leave the paddle loose in the
pan, ready for assembly when next used.
When cleaning use only warm water with a mild liquid
detergent. Under no circumstances use chemical
cleaners or solvents, oven cleaners or abrasive agents.
Ensure the Breadmaker is unplugged from the mains
and has cooled down to the point where it can be safely
Pour some water into the breadpan and leave for a few
minutes to assist it to cool down. Do not re-insert the
breadpan into the Breadmaker until it has been
The breadpan, kneading paddle and the drive shaft
should be thoroughly cleaned in warm water with
detergent added. The bore in the kneading paddle can
be cleaned with a soft bottle brush or similar implement.
If you leave the paddle fitted to the shaft it may be
difficult to separate them afterwards. If this happens, fill
the breadpan with warm water to which a few drops of
liquid detergent have been added. Leave it to stand for
30 minutes and then remove the paddle from the shaft
for cleaning.
Rinse the bread pan and paddle thoroughly to remove
all traces of detergent and allow to dry.
Remove all crumbs from the lid, housing and oven
housing with a soft cloth.
Your appliance is covered by a warranty for 12 months
from the date of purchase. If a fault develops during this
period, please return the unit to your nearest Tesco store
together with the original receipt as proof of purchase.
This warranty in no way affects your consumer rights.
Model: BMS10
Input Voltage:
UK: Waste electrical products should not be
disposed of with household waste.
e for details.
ROI: Produced after 13th August 2005. Waste
electrical products should not be disposed of
with household waste. Please recycle where
facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority
or retailer for recycling advice
220 - 240V~50Hz.
Power Consumption: 600W
Weight: 5.5 kg
disposal facilities exist, for your nearest
facilities. See www.recycle-more.co.uk or in-
Cleaning and Care


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maria palfyova • 7-2-2022 Bez komentára

Dobry den,vcera my vnucky upiekli chlieb,dnes chcem ja a uz sa my zda ,ze my to nejak dlho nemiesa tu zmes ,nepamatam postup presne TESCO BM10 600W SC518241,nemam manual,anglicky neviem dakujem

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Jozef Lalák • 22-7-2021 Bez komentára

Mám domácu pekáreň Tesco BMS 10,Typ moulinex 573 101,stratilo sa hnetač/paddle/ ,kde by sa dalo kúpiť nový?

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Emil Polak • 1-10-2020 Bez komentára

Dobry den prajem neviem gde zakupit hnetač na pekarničku omylom sim ho vyhodil dakujem Polak

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